77 GHz Configurable FMCW Radar Module


RFE in conjunction with Mobile Technology Solutions (MTS) has developed a 77 GHz FMCW Based Radar Warning Receiver with target tracking and collision threat prediction algorithm.  With a custom designed Horn Antenna/Lens System, single Transmit and dual overlapping Receive Channels the system is production validation ready and has FCC approval.


  • Range in excess of 150 meters
  • Dual receivers with single transmitter allows identification of highly specific incoming target direction
  • Very low false alarm rate versus camera systems
  • Superior power allows full transparency: unaffected by vehicle glass
  • Portability of use
  • Custom designed antennae/lens system eliminates the alignment issues of strip-line configurations
  • Product cost is well below units in the market
  • Unit is adaptable for a variety of object recognition uses
Radar Module

Product Datasheet

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