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At RFE we build custom and legacy RF/MW communications modules. Our products make a difference for major manufacturers, defense contractors, and the aerospace industry.

If your background is in RF, manufacturing, or Microwave communications, we’d love to hear from you! These are the positions currently open for hire.

Technician 3

Key Responsibilities

  • Test and tune Amplifiers, Oscillators, Detectors, Synthesizers and or sub-assemblies where automated or manual test stations are used such as Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, Power Meters, Frequency Counters, Multi-Meters, Power Supplies.
  • Operator expected to demonstrate operational proficiency of equipment such as Ball Bonders, Wedge Bonders and Gap Welding equipment.
  • Collect data and provide for review results related to the performance of assemblies tested using the above equipment.
  • Work under a microscope for extended periods of time in a clean room environment while tuning and testing such hardware.
  • Lift equipment up to 25 lbs.
  • Keep detailed notes related to test stations and their related use in the manufacture of related hardware.
  • Assist junior level technicians as required in the set-up and testing of related hardware.

Required Skills

  • Able to operate RF test equipment such as power meters, signal generators, multi-meters, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers etc.
  • Thorough knowledge of basic electronics theory and circuitry. Knowledge of RF theory, the use of terms such as Gain, 1 dB Compression, VSWR, Phase Noise, Noise Figure and how they relate to the manufacture of RF components and sub-assemblies.
  • Detailed knowledge of components such as bi-polar transistors, FET’s, resistors, inductors, op amps, MMICs, mixers, pre-scalers, capacitors etc. and their related purposes within circuits.
  • Able to troubleshoot to the component level of a circuit.
  • Able to work independently or in a small group, making detailed measurements using equipment related to the job.
  • Able to use ball bonders, gap welders, wedge bonders etc related to the manufacture of thin film hybrids.

Hybrid Assembler

Key Responsibilities

  • Builds Microwave Hybrid assemblies such as amplifiers, oscillators, detectors, converters etc. using Die Attach, Epoxy Attach, Gap Welding, Ball Bonding, Wedge Bonding as required
  • Follows ESD guidelines
  • Ensures that all tooling is available for assembly prior to starting work.
  • Ensures that Wedge Bonders, Ball Bonders, Die Attach stations are properly working, informs Supervisor/Manager if they are not.
  • Communicate defects to Supervisor or Engineering.
  • Work with Engineering and Manufacturing for rework and repair of hardware.
  • Helps to identify and communicate process improvements to management
  • Able to communicate parts shortages, damaged or missing material from kit.
  • Provide Pass Down information to Supervisor at the end of the shift.
    Participate in any on or off-site training for certificates related to your work

Required Skills

  • Able to read and write English and follow instructions.
  • Able to interpret assembly drawings, schematics, BOM’s, work instructions in the course of the job.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Able to operate a Multi-Meter, Ball Bonder, Wedge Bonder, Thermocouple Meter, Perform Die Attach, Substrate Attach, Epoxy Attach, Operate Die Attach Station.
  • Able to work under a microscope the majority of the workday.

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