Frequency Converters / Receivers

Custom Designed RF Front Ends for Microwave Tuners and Receivers

RFE’s high-performance units provide small package size, fast LO tuning and superior dynamic range with built-in RF and IF attenuators, internal/external selectable reference, and selectable IF bandwidths.  Our modular designs can be easily modified for your specific requirements.  Many configurations and frequency bands can incorporate the same proven architectures.


  • 0.1 to 60 GHz RF Inputs
  • Selectable IF’s with up to 2 GHZ Output Bandwidth
  • Preselect Filtering, IF Digital Attenuation
  • Lowest Noise Figures, Highest Dynamic Ranges
  • Sub 1 us LO Tuning
  • Low Integrated Phase Noise
  • Multi-Channel Configurations
Frequency Converter

V-Band Downconverter

Specifications and Ratings for RFE-2017019

K-Band Downconverter

Specifications and Ratings for RFE-2017020

4 Channel Downconverter

Specifications and Ratings for RFE-2017900

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